things my dad says

  • amen brother ben
  • gee whiz
  • good night (irene)
  • well i’ll be

these are all said in complete seriousness to express the gravity of a situation

that’s some dad shit right there

I’m so glad my father never utters such things.

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I prefer tumblr because it’s a more intimate space

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"Oh rascal children of Gaza. You who constantly disturbed me with your screams under my window. You who filled every morning with rush and chaos. You who broke my vase and stole the lonely flower on my balcony. Come back, and scream as you want and break all the vases. Steal all the flowers. Come back..Just come back.."

— Khaled Juma, a Palestinian poet from Gaza.  (via nowinexile)

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here man i got the perfect book for u


with super-sturdy pages for your idiot hands

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